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We are Reign of Victoria.
-- Save The Queen --
(the Queen Bee)

Born in 2017 in a Colorado town perfectly named "Lone Tree" and branched out to become a boutique brand with roots in Los Angeles + London.

We are disrupters. We are disrupting the fashion industry's focus on profits and promotion of negative self-worth by making conservation mainstream and helping you look and feel even more confident about promoting awareness. You, and Mother Earth, are worth more than how you're both currently being treated by the industry. We have disrupted the current fashion supply-chain by operating in a lean and efficient nature that allows us to continue serving you, our customers, and most importantly, Mother Earth. That means a chunk of our profits go back to efforts that serve the protection of the Earth and the fragile ecosystems that rely on her safety.

We have “bootstrapped” our growth and as such have been able to avoid having to answer to shareholders and investors which allows us to only focus on those who really matter: you. Our profits go to scaling up and donating to this planet this so desperately needs our help. 

Our mission is simple: to spread the appreciation and awareness of the fragility of our environment as far and wide as possible. We connect a social community of like-minded and purpose-driven global citizens who know the value of mixing style with substance. 

Would we prefer that you didn't have to buy new tees and instead used bought second-hand on? Sure, of course we would. And we are on a mission to make that kind of thing an option. But for now, instead of buying a tee at your favourite high-street retailer, we ask that you please choose us so we can keep the conversation and awareness going about conservation. You will have seen on our social media pages that we are currently on an overhaul with our collections, with a view to make most of our lines 100% organic with 50% recycled material (sustainable fashion, FTW)!

Not only do our tees and accessories help you tell the world where you stand when it comes to an environmentally-conscious lifestyle, but you will be helping to make a difference at the same time; At the end of the year, we donate a fair portion of our proceeds to wildlife and environmental awareness charities around the world. 

Why only a portion? Because we aren't a charity, which means we need to stay up and running to keep our mission alive and by doing so, we can enhance the reach of what our admirable wildlife environmental awareness charity friends do world-wide. We hope that sounds good to you.

There is so much noise in the supply-chain these days that make it more difficult for people around the world to get access to apparel and accessories that they can wear with pride, spreading the voice of awareness and ultimately helping the causes that need it the most. You can read more about it on our blog. 

Thanks to your suggestions last year, we have selected: The Nature Conservancy, Sea Turtle Conservancy, and Ocean Conservancy to be our 3 main charities to donate to this year!  If you know of any wonderful charities and organisations that share our mission and need a helping hand, please get in touch and let us know! 

We source awareness apparel from vendors all over the world (we wish it was only local but we know that in order for the message to reach further than the great State of Colorado, we need to spread our wings), so thanks in advance for your understanding (see Shipping Policy below for more info)!

Please note: We are not a registered charity. Our goal is to help raise awareness of registered charities and contribute to them instead. If you would prefer to just donate directly to a charity, we actively encourage it!

Thanks for being a part of the solution.
-Reign of Victoria xoxo

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