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Hey friends! 

After our success here locally in Colorado, our friends around the world (namely in Los Angeles & London) have convinced us to launch an online store to make it easier to buy the apparel and accessories we distribute. And we thought to ourselves - this makes sense. Because we want as many people as possible to be aware of what we do, especially when a portion of our proceeds will be donated to charity. 

Why only a portion? Because we aren't a charity, which means we need to stay up and running to keep our mission alive and by doing so, we can enhance the reach of what our admirable wildlife environmental awareness charity friends do world-wide. We hope that sounds good to you. There is so much noise in the supply-chain these days that make it more difficult for people around the world to get access to apparel and accessories that they can wear with pride, spreading the voice of awareness and ultimately helping the causes that need it the most. 

Friends of Reign of Victoria, as we launch and continue to grow our online presence, we thank you for your devotion to making a difference, we thank you for your business, and most importantly, we thank you for caring enough about our mission to be a part of the journey. 

You are all stellar human beings - thank you for being part of the solution. 

Signing out before I start to cry thinking about all this love, 

Charlie for Reign of Victoria xoxo